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How to change “Instagram” invisible “likes”


For several weeks now, in some countries, Instagram users have not seen whether there are “likes” under posts and how many are there. This is an experiment that the leadership of this social network went to. But why? And how did those who seemingly aimed at getting more and more likes — influencers react to this? And how will this affect their business and mental health?

About 95 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram daily. And every day, users of this application see 4.2 billion likes.

Is this era of likes coming to an end?

In July, Instagram executives announced that they were removing “likes” for users in six countries, including Australia and New Zealand. Then Canada will join them. Get 50 free likes instagram NOW!

The number of “likes” will still be visible to the author of the post, but other users will not know if anyone really liked the particular picture.

It took several weeks of the experiment. Did he change the work of Instagram? The answer depends on who you ask.

Some of the Australian influencers (from the English influence, «influence» — people whose opinion matters to a certain audience, interacting with this audience through social networks and most often making money from it. — Comment of a translator) criticized this step.

Jam Wolfe of Perth, an influencer who promotes healthy lifestyles and healthy foods and has 2.7 million followers, complained on national radio that Instagram had deprived users of an essential tool.

Melbourne’s young instagramwoman Michaela Testa, with tears, announced in a YouTube video that she condemns such an Instagram move.

Both critics immediately fell upon them — both users of the social network and more traditional media. They were advised to find a real job.

However, for them, as for many others, Instagram is the real work. And some, such as the Australian influencer Kayla Itzines, make a lot of money from this.

About Itines, which has about 12 million subscribers (followers), its own mobile application and program, last year it was reported that her fortune (along with that of her fiancé) exceeds Australian $ 46 million ($ 31 million).

But now the user, visiting her page, does not see a single “like”. Why did Instagram make «likes» invisible?

In order to make the situation “less tense” and respond to concerns expressed about the mental health of users of social networks, Instagram head Adam Mossery said at a conference in California earlier this year.

Cyberbullying thrives on social networks, and many influencers chase «likes» until they burn out.

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